5/5 stars February 28, 2015

I love Lesa! She has made such a drastic difference in my dog's behavior and changed our family life for the better. Just months ago, I was overwhelmed with my dog's aggressive ways; now, my husband even says our Whiskey is a completely different dog! She is truly gifted at what she does!

Stacy J.

Private training sessions are in your home and customized for your dog and your needs. All levels of training from basic puppy thru advanced off leash training is available. 

Lesa Bevan, Dog Trainer

Oceanfront Dog Training in Virginia Beach.


Private in Home Dog Training in Virginia Beach

   Oceanfront Dog Training and Problem Behavior Solving 

  Specializing in aggression cases and Service Dog Training! 

Lesa spent months with my dog before the hunting season started. On opening day Buck's skills were as sharp as a tack and he was in good physical shape too!  I think Buck enjoys training with her better than me 



Lesa Bevan came to my house to do the impossible. Work with a fearfull shelter dog, an older dog that thought he was king, and goofy Lab Mix that had his own agenda. In no time at all she put everyone in their place and taught my husband and I how to keep order amongst the chaos. It was like second nature to her when It came to the dogs behavior , she explained the whats and who's and hows... My husband thinks she needs to stop by again soon!



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