Meet The Owner

Lesa Bevan

Business Owner and Head Dog Trainer

  I was born and raised around dogs, the daughter of a dog groomer and dog show enthusiast. I acquired my first dog when I was 8 years old, an English Setter pup named Chance. This was the beginning of great things to come! A new world opened up to me and as the years went by it became obvious that I had a gift with animals, dogs in particular. As an adult I worked the morning shift reading water meters for the City of Virginia Beach. In the afternoons I trained bird dogs. Over the years I worked with some of the top Pros in the sport and traveled up and down the East Coast training and competing in field trial events and eventually I  made a name for myself. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but I loved every minute and worked harder every day. I would travel with a truck full of dogs to a Pro trainers grounds and clean kennels and feed dogs and horses to earn my keep. I remember spending many long cold nights sleeping in my truck with the dogs because they were not allowed in the house. At the time I never thought about tomorrow, but lived for each and every day that I could train dogs and learn from the masters, rideing beside them absorbing their knowledge like a sponge. As the years went by I became known as a fierce competitor and breeder of some of the finest English Setter bird dogs in the Nation. I have handled dogs to over 200 field trial placements including Invitational Championships, National Championships, Futurities, Dog of the Year awards, Handler of the year awards, Breeder of the year awards and more. It all started with a pup named Chance and an 8 year old girl with dreams and a special gift.

  I have recently decided to slow down from the hectic life of traveling and competing to share my dog training knowledge with the public. No matter which direction you want to go with your dog, ex. family pet, agility dog, service animal, hunting partner, etc. remember one thing... It all starts with OBEDIENCE! Time, patience, repetition, and consistency are the building blocks to a long and happy life with your K-9 friend and I am here to help. Give me a call, lets talk dogs!