Assessments at Your Home

We believe an in-home assessment is a must for 

both new puppy owners and experienced owners 

who want specific training for their dog. Being in their own environment, dogs are much more likely to behave as they normally do, and therefore at-home assessments are much more accurate compared to off-site assessments.

We will perform a full personality test at your home. For puppies, we perform an assessment of your puppy's character and expose possible behaviors later in life. We assess your dog's ability to learn and personalize training methods that should work best for your individual dog. No two dogs are alike! We tailor your dog's training to match his individual temperament, environment, and inherited traits.  

​The assessment also covers "establishing a pecking order" with members of your family, feeding, potty training, and crate training as appropriate.  
Initial training schedules and training expectations will be established at this time. 

Puppy Training

The most critical developmental time in your pup's life is between

8 weeks and 6 months of age.  Inappropriate or destructive behaviors

that are small problems while they are small, become big problems as 

they grow. These behaviors will become more difficult to correct over time.  

NOW is the time to imprint good behaviors and habits so your dog will

be a pleasure for you and your family members for years to come. 

In Home Dog Training in the Virginia Beach area

Training is conducted in your home, where your dog feels most comfortable and behaves as he does typically. You will be instructed how to handle your dog so that he sees you as his leader.  After your dog's initial assessment, together we will develop a plan to meet your training goals and expectations.  We strive to make our in home training fit conveniently into your schedule.

Basic Training

Your dog will learn:

        Basic Commands like sit, stay, come

        Heel on leash without pulling or jerking

       To behave appropriately with

         unfamiliar people and dogs

        Bonding with family members:

         establishing a pecking order

        Housebreaking skills: do's and don'ts

Advanced Training 

Your dog will learn:

        Off leash obedience


        Hand signals

        Advanced Basic Commands

          Specialized Training 

Problem Behaviors and Aggression 
Does your dog have serious issues?  We have experience with correcting many problem behaviors!

We believe all dogs can be good dogs with the proper training. We'll evaluate your dog to find the source of problems such as fear or aggression. Many times your dogs behavior is a reflection of his inherited traits or his environment. We will help you to better understand your dogs behavior and work to correct it. 

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